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Lecture: Innovation and Entrepreneurship - opportunities for start-ups in Hong Kong


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To continue promote innovation and entrepreneurship, we invited Mr Herman Lam, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, to give a lecture on the journey of entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. In this lecture on 30 Sep 2016, Mr. Lam went through the different stages of development of start-ups and how Cyberport, as the leading global and technology hub, supports the young talents and start-ups through various programs like CUPP, Internship programs, start-up accelerator program and micro fund. Mr. Lam then shared with some real start-up cases including GoGo van and Snapask and how these companies start from zero to one and expand to different regions. Over 80 participants had attended this lecture.

HKU partners with Cyberport to set up HKU x Cyberport Digital Tech Entrepreneurship Platform to co-develop an innovative FinTech ecosystem


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