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HKU Startup and Teams Won Prizes at iCAN 2020


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HKU start-up company High Performance Solution Limited was awarded Gold Medal, Top 10 Best Invention Awards, and the Special Award in 5th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN 2020). The team formed by Dr. Shien-Ping Feng, Dr. Vivian Huang, Ms. Xinya Wu, and Mr. Chunlin Pang invented the Direct Thermal Charging Cell (DTCC). Among the team, Dr. Vivian Huang also received the Best Woman Inventor Award. DTCCs offer efficient conversion from low-grade heat to electricity, which surpasses all existing thermoelectric and thermo-electrochemical technologies in the low-grade heat regime. DTCCs have uniqueness and advantages for practical application including a wide operation window, an isothermal and continuous charging/discharging operation, a low-cost, bendable, simple system and the ability to form stacks of cells. With the support of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), the team has translated its startling research discovery to commercially viable products, such as HVAC, smart window and self-powered/wearable technologies.

Meanwhile, another HKU team formed by Prof. Chuyang Tang, Dr. Hao Guo, Mr. Junwei Zhang, Ms. Yan Tung Lo, and Mr. Yulun Wu won the Special Award and was selected as one of the Top 20 Best Invention Awards. Its innovation, entitled Nano-functionalized Porous Membrane Filter for Reusable Face Masks, offers a highly effective filter for PM0.3, PM2.5, and PM10. More importantly, the filter is reusable by being soaked into ethanol and thus, is more sustainable with longer life expectancy.

Another HKU team formed by Prof. Dennis Leung, Dr. Yifei Wang, Dr. Yu Ho Kwok, and Mr. Wending Pan received the Special Award at iCAN 2020. They invented Paper-based Aluminium-Air Battery which utilizes aluminum and ambient air for electricity generation. Its major advantages include low cost, high energy density and great environmental-friendliness.

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