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About Us, Vision & Mission

About Us, Vision & Mission

About Us

The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Asia’s Global University, is committed to nurturing a research culture that values excellence and impact through interdisciplinarity, internationalization and innovation.  One of our key aims is to bring our research results to the wider world through technology transfer, so they can be used for public benefit.

Around 1,900 patent applications related to discoveries at HKU have been filed in recent years.  Our deep ties with the industry have become a springboard for new research projects, broader educational opportunities, and collaborative investments.



Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be the Leading Innovation and Enterprise Partner.  We strive to create a positive impact through innovation based on the research of HKU for the benefits of communities and the advancement of technologies. We also organize educational events to foster an innovative and entrepreneurial culture.


Envision of Success

Strong IP Portfolio

Sustainable Collaboration Framework

Impactful Commercialisation

Successful Enterprise


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