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Entrepreneurship Academy 2012


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Entrepreneurship Academy, 3rd run

Due to enthusiastic response received for the last two series of Entrepreneurship Academy held in 2010/11, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) again organized another run of the Entrepreneurship Academy this academic year from February 1 – March 21, 2012. 

This workshop series was targeted for research staff, RPg students and alumni of related postgraduate programmes of the University. The invited speakers were either seasoned practitioners or academics specialising in entrepreneurship. The workshops covered a range of topics at the core of entrepreneurship, focusing on integrating information and ideas from multiple perspectives in order to help participants recognize and gauge the critical factors in the commercialisation process of innovations. They also provided plenty of networking opportunities for the speakers and participants. 

For details of the program, please click:

Entrepreneurship Academy 2013


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Entrepreneurship Academy 2011



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