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Bioengineered Hair Follicles

Bioengineered Hair Follicles
Therapeutic Biologics

Key Problem and Market Opportunity

  • Present treatment for hair loss: temporary and many side effects
  • Surgical treatment is uncommon due to very limited availability of hair donors
  • This new technology is the best platform for developing new drugs and treatment strategies for alopecia

Key Advantages of the Technology

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  • Figure 1. Technology Overview


  • Physiological relevance to hair follicle niche
  • Morphological resemblance to hair follicle
  • Molecular signatures resemblance to hair follicle
  • The production is high-throughput and automated.
  • Minimal requirement of cells and matrix scaffold

Potential Product and Services

  • High-throughput drug screening
  • Personalized medicine: Personalized drug screening for different treatment
  • Hair follicle regeneration and implantation


  • Open to Licensing
  • Potential entrepreneur for start-up


Development Status and IP Strength

  • Under US provisional application
IP Status
  • Patent application submitted
  • Licensing
  • University spin out

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