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Hello Tomorrow invites you to join the World's Foremost Deep-Tech Challenge!

07 Nov 2019

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Hello Tomorrow invites you to join the World's Foremost Deep-Tech Challenge!

• The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge was founded in order to give deep-tech entrepreneurs, engineers, and researchers access to the funding, visibility and connections they needed to make an impact.

• Since 2013, the Global Challenge has attracted over 17,000 applications from over 120 countries, with 4,500 applicants from 120 countries in 2018.

• Teams compete across 14 different tracks: New Space, Aeronautics, Mobility, Environment, Energy, Digital Health & Medical Devices, Medical Biotech, Industrial Biotech, Cybersecurity & Communication, Advanced Computing & AI, Drug Discovery, New Materials, Food & Agriculture and Industry 4.0.

• Teams do not need to be incorporated at the time of application. 

• At the Regional level (South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan), startups will stand to win a total of over S$150,000 worth of cash, grants and prizes at the Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit on 7 November 2019 (in addition to the prizes available at the Global Finals). Top startups will also win exclusive access to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, and meetings with hundreds of top seed and early-stage VCs at Hello Tomorrow’s Investor Day. Teams selected as finalists of will have flights covered to participate in the SEA x HK Finals at the Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit on 7 November 2019.

• At the Global level, the best early-stage startup will win a €100,000 grand prize, with additional prizes of €15,000 being awarded to the winners of each of the competition’s tracks at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in 12 - 13 March 2020.

Financial Modelling and Venture Capital Workshop

24 Oct 2019 and 7 Nov 2019

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Cyberport Information Session on 8 Oct: Cultivating Innovators on Entrepreneurship and Providing Resources to Shape Your Development

08 Oct 2019


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