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16 HKU start-up companies receive support from 2018/19 TSSSU@HKU Funding Scheme to commercialise R&D results

26 Jul 2018

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16 start-up companies formed by Professors, students or alumni of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) received the funding support from 2018/2019 Technology Startup Support Scheme for Universities @HKU (TSSSU@HKU) to commercialise their Research and Development results. The TSSSU@HKU Award Celebration Gathering was held today (26 July) at HKU to acknowledge the achievements of the TSSSU awardees.

The event was attended by Professor Andy Hor, HKU Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), Ms Zorina Wan, Assistant Commissioner for Innovation and Technology (Policy and Development) of ITC, Mr Albert Wong, CEO of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation and panel members of TSSSU@HKU. Dr Miles Wan, founder of Fano Labs Ltd and one of the past TSSSU awardees, shared his valuable experience in running a start-up and the support received under the TSSSU@HKU programme.

The 16 TSSSU@HKU awardees for this year are as follows:

  1. Brain Investing Limited
    All-in-one Fin-tech solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies
  2. CISC Limited*
    Provision of cyber intelligence and cyber security consulting
  3. Conzeb Limited*
    High speed imaging for cancer diagnostics
  4. Corvidae Technology Limited
    Automation of industrial inspection of wind turbines and other commercial sites by drones and associating          technologies
  5. Datax Limited
    A digital platform built on blockchain for data exchange
  6. EN Technology Limited*
    Novel encapsulation technologies for food and cosmetics industries
  7. Eonzen Technology Company Limited*
    Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring
  8. HACTIS Limited*
    Provision of Virtual Reality (VR) technology for training and education
  9. High Performance Solution Limited*
    Thermo-electrochemical capacitor (TEC) for converting low grade wasted heat into electricity
  10. ImmunoDiagnostics Limited*
    Biomarker discovery, assay development and in vitro diagnostics of major chronic diseases
  11. Lifespans Limited*
    Implant for repairing bone fractures in the elderly
  12. m-Chinese Solution Limited*
    A mobile app for enhancing teaching and learning in Chinese and connect and supporting individual learners and experts to organize mobile consultation and learning courses
  13. Novel Sonics Limited*
    Novel ultrasound imaging techniques for economical, real time and non-invasive diagnosis of Cardiovascular diseases
  14. QuantumFabless Limited*
    Fast and reliable quantum mechanical modeling and simulation tools for nano-scale materials, devices and applications modelling, to accelerate the research and development, improve quality and reduce cost
  15. SkinData Limited*
    Advancement of naturally sourced active pharmaceutical grade compounds to consumers seeking to maintain and improve skin health
  16. Weavatools Limited
    Collaborative research tools that simplifies the research process for students and corporations around the world

12 of the above 16 start-ups are commercialising HKU technologies (marked with *). Please contact the Communications and Public Affairs Office to learn more about the start-ups and to arrange media interviews.

Technology Startup Support Scheme for Universities @HKU
TSSSU@HKU is an award scheme that provides funding support to technology start-up companies formed by HKU’s Professors, students or alumni. This is leveraging on a funding scheme, “Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities” (TSSSU), provided by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) for the six local universities, under which ITC will provide each university with an annual funding of up to HK$4 million to encourage technology start-ups to commercialise their R&D results. Companies under the scheme will be funded with a maximum amount of HK$1.2 million each year for no more than 3 years.

The scheme was first launched in 2014. So far, the TSSSU@HKU programme has supported 30 new technology startup companies in total. 6 of them were admitted to the Cyberport’s Incubation Program and another 8 were admitted to the corresponding programme at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

For details, please visit :

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02 Dec 2015

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