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Centenary Distinguished Lecture by Nobel Laureate Professor Elizabeth H. Blackburn and Professor Susan Desmond-Hellmann

Over 200 guests and members of the public attended the ninth Centenary Distinguished Lecture by Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009, and Professor Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Chancellor of the University of California, San Francisco.

At the lecture, entitled “The Future of Medicine: Connecting Patients to Promising Research”, the two international experts on biomedical research and drug development discussed Professor Blackburn’s groundbreaking work on ageing and how it applies to the future of medicine.

Earlier in the day, a small group of senior secondary school students and HKU undergraduates exchanged views with Professor Blackburn in an activity called “Lunch with a Laureate’, which was set up to foster knowledge exchange and help secondary school students broaden their horizons.


First segment of FICPI SEAD training course on patent drafting

18 May 2012

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Signing Ceremony of a Framework Agreement with BOE Technology Group Limited and Beijing Aglaia Technology & Development Co Ltd for Research and Development of AMOLED Displays

22 Nov 2011


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