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Entrepreneurship Academy 2016 - Outing to Cocoon

31 Mar 2016

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In this session, participants had a chance to visit Cocoon and learnt more about the start up journeys from our TSSSU@HKU awardees.

Mr. Roland Yau, Managing Partner of CoCoon gave an introduction on the CoCoon Community, their Entrepreneurship Programs and the upcoming activities.

Mr. Julian Gaertner, Founding member of HKU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club (HKUAEC) shared his experience in building startups and introduced the HKUAEC to the participants.

Dr. Miles Wan, founder of Accosys Limited (TSSSU@HKU awardee) pointed out the challenges faced by the start-ups (including fund raising, big commitments and long working hours).

Mr. Leon Kong, Founder of Comma Technology Limited (TSSSU@HKU Awardee) showed us how they developed their product, a smart pen that is fitted with a small inexpensive chip, which provide users with safe and friendly solutions for information collection.

Dr. Data Ng, Founder of Printact Limited (TSSSU@HKU Awardee) explained why he chose to persue his start up business and how to expand the 3D printing technology to food, biotech and other areas.

HKU Faculty of Dentistry develops a mouth guard device with micro-mist injection for improving oral condition of elderly and disabled people (The University of Hong Kong 19 Nov 2020)

20 Nov 2020

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16 Apr 2014


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