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Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Turning Ideas into Reality

26 Feb 2015

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The first workshop of Entrepreneurship Academy 2015 was shared among Prof. Paul Cheung, Director of Technology Transfer Office and over 180 parties who are interested in entrepreneurship. Prof. Cheung kicked off his speech by indicating that the Government Budget 2015-2016 had emphasized on start-up companies and how innovative products had influenced his life style. He further gave many real life examples on how innovative technologies had made remarkable changes to the world in his introduction. With references to different definitions of Entrepreneurs, Prof. Cheung elaborated that Entrepreneurs are innovators who uses processes to challenge existing norms through combinations of new resources and methods in business. Several real-case examples were shared with the audience on how technopreneurs, entrepreneurs who use technology as a driving force to create innovative business, had changes the world. In addition, Prof. Cheung also emphasized the different characteristics between entrepreneurs and managers. Despite the fact that there are several successful stories of innovative entrepreneurs, we must admit that the failure rate of start-up companies is quite high. Prof. Cheung concluded that Innovation and Entrepreneurship are inseparable. “Entrepreneurship mentality is not for start-up only, its for everyone, it is a state of mind and being an attitude and spirit”

TSSSU sharing session

20 Sep 2017

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Seminar: Diabetes Risk Score Smartphone App (DRS APP)

03 Feb 2016


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