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A Novel Jig to Assist Accurate Insertion of S2AI Screw

A Novel Jig to Assist Accurate Insertion of S2AI Screw
Medical Devices

Key Problem and Market Opportunity

S2-Alar-Iliac (S2AI) screws provide strong iliolumbar fixation for spinal and pelvic fixation surgeries. S2AI screws is gaining in popularity with long spinal fusion constructs extending into the pelvis. The modern insertion method involves large amount of radiation exposure. There is a need to develop a tool to reduce fluoroscopy time and radiation dosage. 

Key Advantages of the Technology

The simple orthopedic surgical tool can be used in different operation room conditions with or without robotic navigation. With simple training to handle the jig, insertion using this jig can reach a comparable result as using robotic navigation for insertion.


  • Simple targeting device for S2AI screw insertion 
  • Reduce radiation exposure to patients and surgeons 
  • Improved procedural time 

Potential Product and Services

 Spinal and Pelvic Fixation Surgeries

Development Status and IP Strength

Stage of Development
  • Completed validation study using cadaver
  • Patent filing entered national phase in US, CN, and EP
  • PCT application: PCT/US19/60600
IP Status
  • Patent application submitted


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