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A precise and portable in-vehicle inclinometer for vehicle navigation device

A precise and portable in-vehicle inclinometer for vehicle navigation device
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Key Problem and Market Opportunity

  • The global market for global positioning system (GPS) is expected to show a high growth and is projected to grow at an approximate CAGR of 15% from 2016 to 2024.1
  • Portable navigation device, including GPS and smart phone, not only provide directions for trip planning, they also provide directions in real time with the shortest or quickest route. 
  • In-vehicle inclination angle in is an important parameter for portable navigation and positioning for multi-level road structures.
  • Existing portable navigation devices are not accurate enough to provide the vertical position of an in-motion vehicle and get the effect of misalignment.

1 Grand View Research Inc, a US-based market research and consulting company, based in San Francisco, reports that 

Key Advantages of the Technology

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  • Provide automatic calibration to remove the misalignment pitch offset angle in both the Stationary-mode (static) and Moving-mode (in-motion).
  • The calibration is performed with an external 3D Geographic Information System (GIS) database that has an attribute that records the road grades of road segments

Potential Product and Services

  • in portable navigation device, e.g. smart phone or global positioning system (GPS) system

Development Status and IP Strength

  • US Reg Application No. 15/261,260

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