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New Generation of Sensors Infectious Diseases Detection

New Generation of Sensors Infectious Diseases Detection
Advanced Materials

Key Problem and Market Opportunity

  • Around 14 million people were killed by Infectious diseases annually worldwide, i.e. 25% of the total death recorded.  Therefore, there is high prevalence rate of infectious diseases and increased demand for rapid diagnostic techniques due to slow turnaround time of current techniques.
  • Infectious diseases point-of-care testing (POCT) market is set to rise from $696.1 million in 2015 to just over $1.17 billion by 2022 according to research and consulting firm GlobalData
  • The rising demand for faster diagnosis and control of influenza due to the rapidly increasing prevalence of influenza.
  • The global influenza diagnostics market is expected to reach USD 767.4 Million by 2021 from USD 508.0 Million in 2016

1 point-of-care-testing-market-will-rise-to-over-117-bn-by-2022-says-globaldata/53965042

Key Advantages of the Technology

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  • Provide a wide range of the environmental characteristics as the sensing area contains spatially varying structures and a broader range of environmental properties can be sensed more effectively at specific structures.
  • Low cost as the technology is based on image capturing by commercial image sensors, which can be faster and cheaper than then existing optical sensing system
  • Increase of sensitivity by the specially designed image processing algorithms with unique and novel image recognition and machine learning based sensing method

Potential Product and Services

  • Medical devices products for:
    • Infectious diseases point-of-care testing 
    • influenza indicator

Development Status and IP Strength

  • US Provision Application No. 62/513,631

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