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Entrepreneurship Academy 2016 - Financing and Fund Raising – Experience of WeLab

28 Apr 2016

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The last workshop was very interactive and inspiring. Unlike a typical ‘lecture’ type seminar, Mr. Simon Loong, CEO and co-Founder of WeLab Ltd, began by sharing his experience on his entrepreneurial journey of how to transform from a banker to an entrepreneur and build the Fintech start-up company, WeLab. 

WeLab is a leading online lending platform in Hong Kong. In its recent round of Series B funding, the company has raised RMB1 billion from a stellar consortium of international and domestic Chinese investors. Mr. Loong pointed out that fund raising was one of the most difficult parts that entrepreneurs have to face with and require lots of commitments. The audiences were interested in how Mr. Loong built up his team, how he drove his company and motivated his staff, how he coped with difficulties… Mr. Loong concluded this session with some tips to audiences which include “be professional, hardworking, passionate, willing to take risks, grateful to all those people who provide assistance during the start-up journey”’.

Entrepreneurship Academy 2016 - Know How to Count: A Crash Course in Accounting Basics

21 Apr 2016

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31 Aug 2020


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