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“D&P” Super Steel: a Super-Strong and Ductile Multi-phase Steel

“D&P” Super Steel: a Super-Strong and Ductile Multi-phase Steel
Advanced Materials

Key Problem and Market Opportunity

  • Steel is the most widely used metallic materials which can be produced efficiently than any other metallic materials
  • Automotive, aerospace and defense applications require steel with ultra-high strength
  • However, increasing strength often leads to the decrease in ductility, which is known as the strength-ductility trade-off
  • Developing a strong, high tensile and yet highly ductile steel has long been the quest for many researchers
  • The world’s AHSS market is estimated to worth US$28 billion in 2017

Key Advantages of the Technology

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  • Our “D&P” Super Steel is a strong, highly tensile and yet highly ductile steel
  • With a simple 4-step low-cost fabrication method which involves warm rolling, annealing, cold rolling and tempering, it is a breakthrough in the steel industry
  • It is the 3rd generation AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel)
  Conventional Steel  “D&P” Super Steel
Strength and Ductility ✗ Limited by “strength-ductility” tradeoff ✓ Overcome “strength-ductility” tradeoff
Raw Material Costs ✗ High ✓ Low (~20% of the maraging steel)
Weight ✗ Heavy ✓ Light
Fabrication Process ✗ Complex ✓ Simple 
Manufacturing Scalability  ✗ Low ✓ High

Potential Product and Services

  • Advanced high strength and light weight steel for the Automotive Industry 
  • Advanced high strength steel for the Aerospace Industry
  • Advanced high strength steel for Construction Industry like the galvanized steel wires used by suspension bridges

Development Status and IP Strength

  • PCT Application No. PCT/CN2016/096509 
  • Device prototype is available in laboratory scale

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